2009~New Year, New Life

Well, now that I finally figured out how to sign in again to this account it's time for an update. This blog was originally designed as a space to share my ongoing grieving process after loosing my father and brother 2.5 years ago. After some time and soaking up the love of nature, the world around me, and lots of friends, things have shifted, things are lighter, and guess what, a miracle, I am painting again! I thought the day would never come soon enough, but here it is, and it feels great. Here's a shot of my studio.

Loosing my paycheck job happened in perfect time, also....It's like The Univversal Captain was gently pushing my lil paper boat to sea...."Not to worry, you'll do just fine...."

I have been keeping busy doing a few shows, selling prints, some websites here and there. Here's some shots of some shows, one on Biltmore Lake and later, at The Big Crafty...a superfun show complete with dj's and beer.

I feel I have a long way to go as far as getting me skills back, but I am very much enjoying the Journey!


Blogger ashley said...

Welcome back! Please do keep on sharing that love and vision.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Ron said...

Thanks for sharing Kara. You've inspired me to find the password to an old blog of mine and update it. Take care.

10:08 PM  
Blogger Don Thompson said...

Love you Kara Brown! I feel your smile all the way in Colorado.

12:44 PM  
Blogger Purple Rose said...

I love your Studio, its so cute and perfect!

1:03 PM  

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