Last weekend I was invited to share my visual perspective.
Basically, while a panel is speaking I draw the impressions they are emitting and the audience's reaction. I found it most interesting how the drawings change based on what is being impressed, although it shouldn't be that much of a surprise.
The first part of the day individual's shared from their hearts. The second part was more of a heady about the role of technology. At that point it felt more heart was needed (this event was presented as an opportunity for earth healing) so the images became more abstract and colorful to balance the intention expressed in the room.
The next day there was a ceremony for the spring equinox and the images were integrated and some were sold off, but some snapshots were made of some so you get and idea of the smattering of the shorthand...


Showing in Asheville

Sowing some seeds this spring an many levels. Have paintings and prints available at Atelier Gallery in Asheville while waiting to get my hands dirty in the garden.



illustration friday theme: fearless.
Big obstacles are lighter than they appear at times.
made this image long ago, it has since found its home, but still sweetly current~



For illustration Friday


Drip o later

deep within

it is to say that
her own ripeness
felt as though she was
to burst forth
within her own skin.

At times the depth
of her sorrow
and joys
could not be known
but contained within
the unique shape
held deep in her body.

Her life
was a process of
making that more comfortable.


Magic Happens

So Amazed
As soon as I ask,
It is Given
True Abundance
Dreams FulFilled
Joy & Support Surround
Heart Bursts

For this I am Thank Full
Home * Abundance * Wealth
enjoyed through & shared with
Loved Ones
Peace Prevails
All is Well

Joy of Creating
Fullfillment of Loving
starts by dreaming
and sometimes
Is a


On This Day.......

So originally this started out as a way to express grief, in a way that perhaps others with grieving hearts wouldn't feel so alone. Grieving is a process so personal, and has a life of it's own. I am reminded of this as another father's day passes and remember it was 3 years ago to that day that I heard my brother's and father's voice.

My father and I had a great connection and conversation that day. I thanked him for the thoughtful birthday card he sent on his own (we shared a birthday month, and mom usually got the card. This year he insisted on picking his own...) I shared my future dreams with him, receiving his blessing and support, We told each other we love one another and think of one another every day.
My brother and I played phone tag, leaving messages for one another, his voice full of joy as he has 3 wonderful sons and a wife that lit up his life.

I know its just a day, but I never thought I would see them buried just a few days later.
It is a harsh but necessary lesson to witness the fragility of life. To live your Truth and share your Love moment to moment, for you never know when those moments will cease.

Although this thought is still a shock, These days grief is like rolling waves.....life seems bigger now as I carry their spirits, in a way.....and like any big waves, if you wanna play in the game, you need to know how to roll with it. Sometimes its not always graceful.

I am so thankful to my friends and this Love that supports me. The beauty & light that I have been blessed to be sent my way is all the encouragement I need sometimes.
The graciousness of Love soothes a grieving heart.

Thank you friends and family. I Love you.