Big Ups

During wintertime things usually feel very inward and stagnant to me, too much dark and cold doesn't suit me after too long, as with most folks.

This year during my hibernation I could feel the bulbs of life bursting forward in my heart, and I am so thankful for that.

As I get more clear on how I really want to share myself, the Mystery meets me. I have had wonderful mirrors of inspiration all around me. As I am pursuing my Great Interest in creating and growing into more of how I can share my creative process, (Avatars! Commissions!)~ (more to come later on my ideas)

I wish to thank Ashley Cooper, her creation, Easily Amazed, and her friend, Amy Lenzo, and her creation, the Beauty Dialogues, for their enthusiasm as we recognize the Beauty that surrounds all of us.

Thank you for the inspiration and encouragement that spirals outward from you lovley lively creative geekGirls!

SketchBook Project

One creation that was really alive for me the last month or so was The Sketchbook Project. The idea is that they send you a sketchbook, you fill it up, send it back, then it tours the country with all the other's sketchbooks. this is and Art for Everybody Project, you don't need to call yourself an "artist" and no one is turned away. Very cool! I needed a breakthrough, forcing me to draw everyday, and I was sad it was finished! I will be peppering my site with snippets from it, but if you want to see if they come to your town check here.


Letting Go

Markus Van Lokeren 1969-2009

Love to our Dear Friend, as we were blessed with his time here, may his daughter Elizah, her mother Anna B and the rest of us carry the Blessing his deep soul shared with us...we miss you so and pray for a blessed and safe passing.....