Another Birth!

Thanks to a lovely inspirational Woman, Amy Lenzo! I truly loved the playful and engaging co*creation Amy's invitation brought. You can access many of her creations through her blog, Here. Amy is very well connected to various online media expressions, sharing her talents, progressive ideas, and communicative gifts. You will find her personality big bright and shiny, much like her avatar. She (her avatar) even had an official coming out, here. Thank you for the Honor, Amy!

I have had many lessons lately showing how much one vision can be enhanced by another. More to come.


Blogger Amy Lenzo said...

THANK YOU Kara. What fun it was working with you on this.

I think you have a fabulous career ahead of you. I spoke to one woman who admired it the other day (one of the many!). She's going to contact you to make one as a birthday present for her daughter. Cool idea, eh?

8:44 AM  
Blogger karabrown said...

Ooohh exciting!
What a great Idea, a one of a kind gift~

8:58 AM  
Blogger m2crews said...

Love your blog. I feel like we are hanging out when I look at it and read it. Miss you~ Melissa

4:22 PM  
Blogger Purple Rose said...

I remember that first drawing on this page. I remember when you made it and I still have a copy of the black and white version. beautiful. I still want a piece of you art for little mayita to look at. She has been vibin out on this little kris d painting and she really loves it. i hope you are still into it. loveya

12:36 PM  

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