Having a little too much time on my hands today, perhaps, I was informed of this site, and developed an instant addiction. I have to walk away now....


On another note, I thought I would share some things I have been working on lately.

I recently finished a website for a very unusual and talented artist, Dan Reiser. Check out his site, Art, Lies, & Archeology, and feel free to let me know if there's any bugs in it! He is also a musician. You can check out his tunes here.

Today I completed a piece for Bob & Caryn Hanna, inspired by their children, Danielle and Bryce.
Also, I would Love to thank one of my nearest and dearest, Ms. Ashley Cooper, for all her enthusiasm and great ideas. Together we just rebirthed an online icon for her, an avatar that is every bit as spunky as she is. You can get to know her better by following one of Ashley's very inspiring blogs, Easily Amazed, that also links to her other fascinating works. I so love the idea of creating an archetype for our online presence, as she made a good point, that as information is readily available through cyberspace, aesthetics do not always follow. I would love to create more!
For a little shameless self-promotion, she talked me up quite a bit here.
Thanks Ashley!
(She never ceases to amaze me)

I would also like to mention that without Ashley and our dear friend Thomas Arthur's encouragement, (and their attentive nurturing,through my grieving process at the time of it's birth!) this blog would not exist at all.

You can see more of their combined creativity at Woven Essence.

A New Dawn, A New Day

While sharing the Joy of millions of Americans as we celebrate the Change we are all participating in, and at this moment President Obama is sworn in as a symbol of this change, I am filled with humility to be part of these times.

I have such a renewed faith in my country, not because of political change of hands so much, but knowing that there are many who value their power to create something new within their reality, perhaps by just having a new thought or desire, and then following through with action.

We are truly amazing, and we, as humans, perhaps are ready to take more responsibility for ourselves, as individuals, and therefore as a community, as a country, then globally, Universally.

Thank you, Mr. President, for setting the stage, for being Brave,for following your Dream.
For inspiring us also to let down the walls of perceived separation together.